Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I know tomorrow will be filled with lots of activity from the time I get up till the time I go to bed so I am using my quiet time this morning to think about all the things I am thankful for. After the year we have had, I could be bitter and could focus on all of the negatives. I refuse to do that because I know God has used all of the hardships to change me and to change our family. I am learning to let go of things that just don't matter. I am learning to forgive hurts from the past. I am learning to stop and pray and ask God for help when I start trying to do things on my own.
I am sure I could list over 100 things I am thankful for but I will stick to my top 10 here. :-)

#1 I am so thankful that our Father loved me so much that He sent His only son here to die for me. I just have to stop sometimes and think about that. He sent His son to die for me. Amazing Grace and Amazing Love!

#2 I am thankful for my husband who has put up with me for 20 years! Patrick took this picture last year when we took the kids by the church where we got married.

#3 I have been blessed with three amazing children! Each one is so unique and I love them with all my heart!
#4 After dealing with the hurt and pain of a divorce, I am thankful for my Mom, Dad, and Step-dad. My Mom has always been there for all of us and I'll never be able to thank her enough. I am also thankful for my husband's parents. My children are lucky to have 3 grandfathers. :-) (Just realized I need more pictures of our parents and children!)

#5 So thankful for my grandparents who loved me and spent time with me. They were examples of how to live and show God's love. I miss them all so very much!

#6 I am thankful for my two brothers who loved to aggravate me everyday when we were growing up. :-) I am also thankful for their families.

#7 I am thankful for two very special cousins. I was so blessed to grow up with them and wish I could see them more. (Just couldn't resist adding this picture. Love you both!)
#8 I am thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have made over the years. These three have been there for me so many times. Love you bunches!
#9 I am thankful for our home. We came so close to losing it this year. I will no longer complain about things I want to change. I will just be thankful we are still here and will continue to make wonderful memories here.

#10 I am thankful for a healthy family and the wonderful friends I have made through AdvoCare! I love that God brought Kelli and Angie into my life so that I could change myself and my family and help others.

I'm telling you - I could go on and on and but I won't right now. What are you thankful for? Make your own list of 10 today and let those people that are still here know how much you love them!

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