Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love & Appreciation

Thinking about my Mom today and how blessed we are to still have her here with us. She loves to help take care of us. When I was working we would go by her house and have breakfast and then she would help me get the kids where they needed to go or they would stay with her. Now that we are at home, she sends us breakfast most mornings. And we are not talking any kind of breakfast - she sends homemade biscuits, bacon, ham, and one of my favorites - deer sausage. That is just who she is - she loves to find ways to help take care of us. I know I have been blessed to have her help with the kids all these years. I could go to work and know that they were going to be taken care of and get a little bit spoiled. :-) It also fills my heart when I see the relationship my children have with their grandmother. They love spending time with her and they may not know it now but they are making memories that will last a lifetime. I still think about all the times I spent with my grandparents. I miss them so much but I have so many wonderful memories to hold on to.

This day also makes me realize that I don't tell her enough how much I love her and appreciate her. I will definitely do that today and make sure I do it a whole lot more. So many friends have lost loved ones this year and I know we are not promised tomorrow. Starting today I am going to make sure everyone in my life knows how much I love and appreciate them. Do you have family and friends that you need to talk to? Do they know how much you love and appreciate them? Will you join me in making it a habit of telling others how we really feel?

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